Company SOS

Analyze your business and find practical solutions for when your company’s ratios are not up to other companies’ (of the same sector) ratios.

Directed to expert and inexperienced people in companies’ management.

Do not pay an advisor. Do it yourself.

Sick companies’ doctor (SOS COMPANY) is an easy application which helps managers of any company to study the economic situation and suggest corrective measures in the event the “health” of the company is not up to the minimum value other companies belonging to the same sector have.

many apps calculate budget ratios but only one tells you what to do to improve those that are not going well.

you just have to waste half an hour to enter your last balance sheet and profit and loss account data.

then the smart ratio tool will tell you what to do to improve the insufficient ratios.

(*) The red cells are the bad results. The green are the good ones. With the buttons + and - you have to get all the cells to end up being green. With this you will realize which ratios you have to modify so that your company works properly.

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About Company SOS

It is a common fact that very often managers dispose of accounting results too late and therefore they are out of time if they want to correct or modify the situation.

Furthermore, the existing softwares which give professional results in terms of balance sheet’s analysis, imply importing all data from Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss schedule, making all the control process very complicated and time consuming.

P&L and Balance Sheet

If they download this app, instead, managers will only have to fill in the required data into the input panels and the ratios will be automatically calculated.

Smart Ratio Tool

We are proud to introduce SMART RATIO TOOL, probably the most effective feature contained in the app. It consists of a very useful tool, composed by an adjustable selector and a dashboard.


Company SOS

Profit & Loss

It is the link between a period’s opening and closing BS.

Balance Sheet

Gives a picture of the Company’s activities in a certain moment.

Smart Ratio Tool

Adjust the factors and see how bad ratios change.


12 essential Ratios to analyze your business*.


Easily understandable measures to be implemented to improve bad ratios.


See which value ratio has to reach to obtain the minimum value.

iPhone App

Carry your app along with you on your phone or tab.

*ratios benchmark indicated are values obtained as average between different companies belonging to the same sector. (Spanish companies within 2018)


Who we are



born in 1958, graduated in Engineering, dedicated himself during the last years of his career to the management control of important companies and to introduce convenient and appropriate measures to improve their situation, once problems were been identified



born in 1990, graduated in Economics and Law, after an intense apprenticeship at Price Waterhouse Cooper, joined important new tech companies’ management



born in 1993, graduated in Media Communications and Sound Design, actually working as a freelance in various Audiovisual projects.

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Pricing Plan

Our Awesome Pricing Plan




  • 5 ratios
  • Measures to improve
  • Easy interface




  • 12 ratios
  • Measures to improve with range
  • SRT with ratios at a glance
  • Sectorial ratios